Common Pet Symptoms

Every year, thousands of cats are put down due to the possibility that they might be carrying Parvo Virus. Concerned pet owners often wonder if their cat is infected with the disease and what can be done to prevent it from spreading. This blog post will address these questions by explaining how you can tell […]

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Cats have 42 teeth in total, and while the majority of them are used for hunting, others are there to help them chew, bite and tear their food. While each cat is unique, the majority of cats have four pairs of teeth that are visible once the gum tissue has been moved to the side.

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There are many reasons why a cat might throw up blood, as blood is expelled from different parts of the cat’s body. If you’ve noticed your cat regurgitating blood, it’s important to have him checked out by a vet and rule out serious conditions that might cause this symptom. If it’s not serious, your vet

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The answer is yes! There have been cases of people contracting Lyme disease after being bitten by an infected cat tick; however there’s not enough research on this topic yet so it’s hard to know how often it happens or what makes some cats more likely to transmit the disease. In general, any mammal can

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Cats are some of the most popular household pets, but they can also be one of the most dangerous. Rabies is a virus that affects animals and humans alike; it’s transmitted through saliva and it causes death in around 90% of cases. The good news is that rabies isn’t easily caught by would-be pet owners

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Why Can't My Dog Poop?

Dog Can’t Poop? This Could Be Why Witnessing your dog struggling to go to the toilet is a heartbreaking thing to see. Thankfully, constipation in dogs is usually a rare occurrence that happens infrequently, with owners reporting higher cases of diarrhoea in their pooches. Is my dog constipated? Identifying that your dog is constipated is

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Dog Panting A Lot? This Could Be Why

Why Dogs Pant In hot weather, dogs pant a lot. It’s also normal for a dog to excessively pant following exercise or when they’re excited. Panting is a dog’s way of cooling down and regulating their body temperature, but how do you recognise when dog panting is normal and when there’s a potential concern? Expected

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