When A Cat Can Get Pregnant? Find Out Here

When cat can get pregnant – every cat owner has probably been at this point at one time or another.

You see the signs. Your normally sweet and docile cat is suddenly acting more aggressive, pacing around the house, and hiding from you more than usual.

One thing is certain, she is pregnant. The questions are: when cat can get pregnant, how long will she be pregnant, and what can you do if she is pregnant?

Cats can be pregnant for 63 to 65 days (the average cat pregnancy period). This means that cats can get pregnant before their first heat or after it as well.

When a female cat goes into heat, the smell of her urine becomes stronger and she will have some blood in her vaginal discharge.

A male cat can detect whether a female cat is ready to mate by smelling the strong odor given off from her pheromones produced during mating season.

If you notice your cat going outside more often than usual, spending time rubbing against furniture/shelves while purring loudly with an arched back and tail held high.

Cat Reproduction: Heat Cycles, Pregnancies, and More

In general, cats go into heat every five weeks or so (although this varies depending on age) and are able to get pregnant once a month for up to three years after their first litter of kittens.

Do cats have period?

Cats typically have four periods per year unless they produce two litters in one year which increases that number by about 50%.

The average pregnancy period lasts 63-65 days with fertile time lasting from day 12 until day 25 as mentioned above.

A female cat’s hormones rise during her heat cycle while she has an increased need for oxygen due to all the energy being used at such a high rate.

At What Age Should I Let My Cat Have Kittens

If you are thinking about letting your cat have kittens, there are a number of considerations you’ll want to address first.

Will your home be able to handle the baby cats, or are you planning on adopting them out? Will you be able to afford to support them?

What will your lifestyle be like? It’s important to think it through before you do anything.

Cats are independent creatures that like to do things on their own schedule—including having kittens.

Although some cats naturally go into heat and get pregnant at an early age, most cats should be between one to two years old before you allow them to mate.

This gives them time to become comfortable with the other cats in their house and to learn how to properly care for their kittens before they have any.

Signs a Cat is Pregnant & What To Know

Most cats become pregnant when they are in their prime age of fertility, which is about two to seven years old for females and one to six years old for males.

Cats can also get pregnant during any season but have a higher chance of conceiving in springtime or summer because the days are longer than shorter ones.

  • They have been spending more time in their litter box than usual.
  • Their nipples might become swollen or seem to produce milk, even if they haven’t had any kittens yet.
  • You can see a small bulge near the stomach area of your cat’s body; this is due to her reproductive organs being enlarged during pregnancy.

A female cat should not get pregnant again until at least six weeks after she has given birth and becomes “queen.”

This time prevents them from getting pregnant before they’ve healed from giving birth for the first time, but also serves as a period where you will need to separate male cats away from females so there are no accidents.

There are some telltale signs that your cat may be pregnant, such as having swollen nipples or a fuller stomach. The best way to know for sure is by taking your cat in for testing with a veterinarian.

Last Words

Cats are often considered as one of the easiest pets to take care of. There are some great tips to keep the cat healthy. You should provide a place for them to sleep, make sure you feed them properly, and keep them entertained. You should also take your cat to the vet for checkups regularly.

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