Best Cat & Dog Wormers – Reviews 2019 – 2020

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Top 3 Cat Wormers

I hate to break it to you, but your cat will probably be infected with a worm at some point in their life. Worms are not pleasant, but they are normally easy to get rid of. Common worms include:

  • Roundworms look a bit like spaghetti and can be easily passed down to kittens by their mother’s milk.
  • Hookworms are tiny and, whilst they are more common in dogs than cats, they can cause life threatening anaemia.
  • Tapeworms are injected via an infected host such as a mouse of flea and can cause diarrhoea, vomiting and weight loss. If your cat is infected by tape worms you will probably find small pieces which look like grains of rice around the cats butt and litter tray.

You can help protect your cat against worms by keeping the house clean and regularly grooming the cat, but ultimately indoor and outdoor cats can both be affected by worms and sometimes you can’t prevent it. Some cats will show no sign of worms even if they are infected.

It’s always a good idea to visit your vet if you think your pet is infected by worms, but if you’re looking to buy the anti wormer outright then read on for our buyers guide! Please note: Kittens are especially at risk as they have more delicate immune systems and a trip to the vet is strongly advised if you suspect your kitten may be infected.


Bayer Spot On Tapewormer Review – Our Number 1

This cat wormer is specifically designed to get rid of tapeworms. Read on to find out more.

  • Bayer Droncit Spot On Cat Tapeworm 0.5 Ml x 4 TubesThe Bayer Tapewormer  (view on Amazon) is effective against dipylidium caninum (i.e. flea tapeworm) taenia tapeworms, and echinococcus multilocularis tapeworms.
  • Some cats will point blank refuse to take tablets, so luckily the Bayer Spot On 20 mg solution can be directly applied to the back of the cats neck so it can absorb into the cats body and fight the parasites without any fuss or fights.
  • The Bayer spot on is convenient and safe as your cat can’t reach the back of their neck so they won’t be able to lick the solution off after it has been applied.
  • The Bayer Tapewormer comes with four tubes measuring at 0.5 ml.
  • Bayer offers discounts for multi-purchases and they have express shipping options.
  • The Bayer solution is not suitable for cats who weight under 1 KG.


Features: Effective Against Tapeworms – Spot-On Solution – Convenient – Safe – Multi-Purchase Discount.

Pricing: Affordable.

Bob Martin Spot On Wormer Review- Number 2

This cat wormer can effectively treat tapeworms in cats and kittens. Read on to find out more!Bob Martin Clear Spot On Wormer 1kg

  • The Bob Martin De-wormer contains four treatments and can be used for up to 1 month.
  • This spot on wormer can be applied to your cat’s neck to avoid any discomfort or fuss.
  • The Bob Martin De-wormer was previously sold as a prescription medicine and it is a fast acting solution. Read the information provided with your purchase to ensure you give your cat the correct dosage.
  • Each dose of the de-wormer contains 20mg or prarizquantel. Check to see if prarizquantel is safe for your cat before buying this medicine.
  • The Bob Martin De-wormer is suitable for all cat and kittens who weigh over 1 kg.



Features: Four Treatments – One Month Treatment – Spot-On Solution – Contains prarizquantel.

Pricing: Affordable

Beaphar Worming Syrup Review – Number 3

This simple worming syrup is suitable for cats and dogs alike. Read on to find out more.Beaphar Worming Syrup 45 ml

  • The Beaphar Worming syrup is suitable for cats and dogs from the age of two weeks and older.
  • This worming syrup is suitable for treating roundworms and comes in a yummy chocolate flavour. This product will stop you having to force feed your pet tablets so you can both remain relaxed and happy.
  • The Beaphar worming syrup is easy to serve with the pump dispenser. It also comes with instructions for the correct amount of doses.
  • One bottle of the Beaphar Worming Syrup can be used to treat one 32 kg animal once or a 5kg animal six times.  This syrup can also be used to treat an entire litter at once.
  • The syrup can be fed directly to your pet or it can be mixed with food or milk if preferred.
  • The Beaphar Worming Syrup is a good choice for older dogs and cats who may refuse to take tablets. This syrup contains piperazine citrate.


Features: Suitable For Dogs & Cats – Treats Roundworms – Chocolate Flavoured – Easy To Serve – Multi-Use – Contains Piperazine Citrate.

Pricing: Affordable


These are all excellent wormers which will help your cat become parasite free in no time. We would like to especially recommend the Bayer Spot On Tapewormer because it is easy and safe to administer, it is effective against multiple breeds of tapeworm, and it comes with discounts for multiple purchases.

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