Best Cat Scratching Post – Reviews 2019 – 2020

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Top 3 Cat Scratching Posts

Cats love to scratch.They scratch for many reasons: to remove the dead outer layer of their claws, to mark their territory by leaving both a visual mark and a scent (they have scent glands on their paws), and to stretch their bodies and flex. It is an important part of their nature and they will need to scratch! A scratch post will most certainly prevent your sofa, curtains – and even your wallpaper – from a life of certain shredding! Nowadays cat scratching posts are not just a simple tube on a stand, but fun play jungles or ‘activity centres’ where they can scratch galore and leave the rest of your house free from their pesky paws! Here are 3 of the best, most exciting scratch posts out there to keep claws away from carpets and t provide a playground for fun and health:

RHR Quality Cat Scratching Post and Activity Centre Review – Our Number 1

RHR Quality Cat Scratching Post and Activity CentreThis Deterrent from the commander  maintains the company’s reputation as one of the leading brands of good quality animal repellents. Its specially designed to be very friendly so you don’t have to worry about the harming of any animals when repelling them from your lawn. Here’s why it’s hard to go wrong with this convenient, easy deterrent:

  • This sturdy high quality Cat Tree totals 65kg in weight, ensuring it will never leave the ground with its very steady construction. There’ll be no wobbles and wide base means it will not fall over even with excitable cats.RHR Quality Cat Scratching Post and Activity Centre Review
  • Height 183 cm Base stand 60 x 60 x 4 cm Which provides a very substantial play area for even the most energetic cat. Taller than most humans!
  • Hammocks have been tested till to hold up to 20KG of weight, so very strong and suitable for any cat. (A combination between a hammock and a pillow for maximum relaxation and comfort).
  • High quality from top brand RHRQuality (Dutch design)
  • Multiple activity posts with soft pillow nests for the most pampered pussy cats!
  • Easy to install and build at home.

RHR’s enormous activity centre will be the envy of all cats around town. With hammocks, cubby holes and high nests, any cat will feel like royalty looking down at the world below. This really is a luxurious and incredible design for a cat and is not only a scratching post but a bed too. Overall a fantastic product that will make any cat the happiest cat on the block.


Features: Multiple activity posts– Ultrasonic Technology – Durable design

Pricing: High End

Milo & Misty 3 Platform Cat Tree Scratching Post Activity Centre Review – Number 2

Milo & Misty 3 Platform Cat Tree Scratching Post Activity CentreWith this product, you are sure to never have a shredded up household again. Instead, cats can climb and scratch this to their heart’s content on this jungle gym. Let’s take a look at some of its interesting features:

  • This Large plush 3 tier cat play tree includes multiple levels of fun!
  • Comes complete with 3 toy mice, 3 viewing spots, hammock, cat house and stairs
  • Suitable for any activity whether it be a fun place to play, jungle gym for exercise or sink down into the numerous nests for a peaceful cat nap.Milo & Misty 3 Platform Cat Tree Scratching Post Activity Centre Review
  • Features tough natural sisal covered scratching posts that can help to keep claws sharp and healthy, and provide hours of scratching without wear.
  • Sturdy construction free of any wobbles, and wide weighted platform to ensure it will not topple over
  • Stylish and modern design – the grey looks great in any room or space will not dirty.
  • Easy and quick home assembly

This Cat activity centre is abundant with small details that make up a beautiful activity centre any cat would be privileged to call its own. With its dangling mouse toy, strong scratch ladder and cosy den it ticks all the boxes as a perfect little cat paradise. In a middle end price range, and a well-rounded high quality design, this product would fit wonderfully in any loving household.


Features: 3 tier viewing spots and nests – Dangling toy mice – Soft Hammock

Pricing: Affordable

SmartCat Multi-Level Climber Review – Number 3

SmartCat Multi-Level ClimberThis Multi-level climber lives up to its company’s name as a smart and concise design. The portable climber can be moved from room to room so that even the smallest of houses can provide an entertainment for hours on end. Here’s the rundown of why this Cat Scratching post made it deservedly on to our top 3 list:

  • This product features a spring-loaded bracket system that makes it really simple to move from room to room without a fuss.
  • Great unit for for not only scratching but climbing, napping, playing and exercising!
  • 2m high when assembled perfect for fitting to doors
  • 4 tiers for climbing and perching
  • Only 13 kilograms for lightweight mobility
  • Mellow tan colour which looks fun and creative in any room
  • sisal post is ideal for scratching and made of Natural materials.

The SmartCat Multi-level climber is a clever and unique product. It is perfect way to maximize space for a cat and owner alike so that everyone can enjoy the playful levels of this climber and scratch post.


Features: Portable design – Spring loaded bracket system– 4 tier levels

Pricing: Mid-Range



For it’s sheer size and luxury the top scratching post on this list indubitably goes to the RHR cat scratching post and activity centre. It is almost the definition of cat heaven with its silky soft pillows, its high perching nest and its multiple level scratching posts. Not only are there multiple scratching posts but also multiple level rests to choose from, for sleeping or just relaxing, this is certainly much more than just a place to dig their claws into. Overall this is an extremely high quality and reliable product, which any cat would be lucky to have, leaving you curtains and carpets claw free!

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