Best Stylish Cat Beds – Reviews 2019 – 2020

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Top 3 Stylish Cat Beds

We all know that cats are some of the fussiest creatures out there (apart from maybe the fussy human species known as celebrities). If they aren’t happy with something, we are sure to know about it. Some might call them snobby, others might say they’re divas, but one thing’s for sure, we love our fussy cats and accept the challenge to please them. One thing that is most important to ensure the likelihood of a grumpy cat is reduced, is a good night’s sleep. No tired cat is going to stand for a misbehaving owner, and certainly, without a soft and comfy bed, moggie will be much more tetchy. So to solve the grumpy cat problem, we have lined up 3 of the top cat beds to ensure your feline friends not only get a relaxing and therapeutic night’s rest but will also snooze in style. Without further ado, here are 3 of the best, most swanky cat beds on the market, to ensure your pet wakes up feeling cheerful:

Floranica – Superior Three Tiers Wicker Cat Tower Bed Basket House Review – Our Number 1

Floranica - Superior Three Tiers Wicker Cat Tower Bed Basket HouseThis stylish cat bed from “ is simply a very good quality bed. It’s specially designed to be “ so you don’t have to worry about “. if you want the best for your beloved cat, here’s why “ is the choice for you:

  • This product has an excellent wide area of space – the 50x50x68 cm or 20x20x27′ (depth/width/height) is more than enough room for your cat to relax and rest comfortablyFloranica - Superior Three Tiers Wicker Cat Tower Bed Basket House Review
  • This product’s’ organic willow product is great for the Environment, made with natural sources and chemical free – cat friendly and not harmful to their health. It’s also safely made with no pointed or sharp sticks, a sturdy construction – (no wobbling) Comes with soft, plump cushions for extra comfort
  • Really easy setup, just pop it in a corner add the cushions
  • Sleek and stylish design, looks good in any room.
  • Comes in either a white or natural colour design.

Three Tiers Wicker Cat Tower is a fantastic product that can suit one lucky cat or a family with its triple sections. Its design and specially considered safety features mean it is a very friendly and loving home for our beloved cats. Overall, this is a very worthy product for any furry friend.


Features: A lot of space – Organic Willow– Cushions included

Pricing: High End

Loving Care Pet Products Ultra Supreme Bed Review – Number 2

Loving Care Pet Products Ultra Supreme BedThe Loving Care Pet Products Ultra Supreme proves to be a really friendly and good quality Bed. It is a very simplistic design that is made to provide full comfort for a peaceful night’s sleep.  The cosy classic bed has a few other exciting features, here are a few of its others.

  • This cat bed is designed to fit your cat personally. Coming in 5 different sizes you can choose which one best suits your moggy
  • For young kittens or the occasional accident, this bed is urine resistant, s you dont have to worry about leaks ruining the bed or the floorLoving Care Pet Products Ultra Supreme Bed Review
  • This product provides top of the range , Non Allergenic Materials to protect your whiskered friends from allergy or harm
  • This product also features removable and reversible pillow and mattress to suit your cat however they may like it
  • Its simplistic design is easy on the eye and would make a great addition to any room in the house

This ‘Ultra Supreme bed’ from Loving Care Pet Products could well live up to it’s long mouthful of a name. In a middle end price range, and lasting for a long time, this product could certainly be the economical choice for those households with different sized or fussy cats.


Features: 5 different sizes–  Urine Resistant– 5 different colours

Pricing: Affordable


Woven 2 Floor Indoor Cat Den Review – Number 3

Woven 2 Floor Indoor Cat DenThis beautiful cat den is easy on the eye and would make most humans jealous of this sweet little home. Considering its fantastic price, it has certainly the most cosy look, and is right up there with some of the higher priced ranges of snoozebox.

  • Natural woven Wicker shell for a nice pleasant look and an natural space for cats
  • No pointed or sharp edges, keeping it safe for cats and humans alike
  • Soft and spongy flooring for laying atop a cosy surface
  • 2 tier den so you can have double bunkers or a nice choice for a single cat
  • This product’s’ Length is 19 inches and the width is 12 inches, so plenty of space for getting comfily settled in.
  • Strong enough to hold cats above 6 kilos

The ‘Woven 2 Floor Indoor Cat Den’ is a durable, lightweight and simplistic product. It has a lovely design and looks like a cosy and safe nest for any whiskered pet. It’s inexpensive and thoughtful and definitely a useful addition to any space with pets.


Features: Woven wicker design – Double bunked– Spongy Soft flooring

Pricing: Affordable



The top spot on this list undoubtedly goes to the Floranica – Superior Three Tiers Wicker Cat Tower Bed Basket House. All things considered, it is simply the most stylish and comfy bed for your pampered pet and will guarantee a better night’s sleep than any old cardboard box or budget bed. All factors have been taken into account in the design of this product to ensure that your pet’s rest as easy and soundly as possible. From the Amazing 3 tier, to the soft added pillows it makes a high quality bed for any cat owning household and enough to make a human jealous! Additionally, it will look great in any room of the house, providing a stylish place for the cat and as a friendly addition to any space. No doubt It’ll keep your furry felines purring happily through the night.

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